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Under Eye Hollowness

Under Eye Hollowness Treatment in Noida

Look more alert & vibrant with under eye hollowness treatment performed at Skinlogics!

Eyes are the primary expressive feature of the face that enhances the beauty of an individual. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest compared to other body areas. Under the lower eyelid and above the cheek anteriorly or tear troughs, the skin is delicate and highly susceptible to the aging process. It is often subjected to volume loss, skin laxity, and discoloration.

What is under eye hollowness?

Under-eye hollowness medically termed as tear trough deformity refers to the soft spot beneath the eyes that look dark (or shaded) and dented (or sunken) with the depression varying in its severity. This cosmetic concern is usually seen in older adults and it is not a medical condition rather a cosmetic concern. It can happen on its own or develop along with the under-eye bags that form on top of the cheeks because of sagging of the skin under the eyes. The best under eye treatment in Noida performed at Skinlogics can help one to get back the desired look.

Causes or triggering factors of Under-eye Hollowness

Under eye hollowness is commonly caused by:
  • Aging
    The skin under both of the lower eyelids can undergo a natural aging process that leads to loss of collagen (a skin protein which gives strength and flexibility to the skin). Moreover, the degeneration of cells (atrophy) of the eye muscles in the face can take place. This causes the eyes to settle back into the eye sockets, making the under eyes caved in. 

  • Dehydration
    When there is an inadequate amount of daily water intake, the body becomes dehydrated. The skin lacks moisture from inside and appears as dull, uneven, and wrinkled. A serious side effect of dehydration is sunken eyes. Children most commonly have under-eye hollows due to dehydration as compared to adults, but it can be seen only in severe cases.

  • Weight fluctuations
    When there is rapid weight gain or loss because of change in diet, the under eye area of the face may hollow out and their eyes may appear sunken in. This is because of the shift in the fatty areas of the face. The loss in body weight can even make the blood vessels underneath the eyes more prominent, the skin to become transparent, and further lead to nutritional deficiencies, thereby causing under-eye hollows.  

  • Smoking
    Excessive smoking of cigarettes can cause the skin to lose its collagen and result in inelasticity of the skin. This further can lead to sagging of the facial skin and the deep setting of the eyes. 

  • Genetic predisposition
    Heredity can be one of the reasons for the appearance of under eye hollows. If your family member has them, the chances of you having the same are more. An individual’s genetics or DNA can affect the position of the eyes in the sockets. 

  • Improper sleep schedule
    A poor quality of sleep or lack of sleep can make the body exhausted and fatigued. It can weaken the under eye muscles and cause loss of skin’s building block i.e. collagen which further leads to the loss of skin elasticity, thinning of the epidermis, and the skin becoming prone to damage, thereby increasing sagging and involuntary wrinkles. All this causes the under eye spaces to become more hollow.

  • Nutrient deficiencies
    It has been found that a diet deficient in nutrients like Vitamin C (which helps with absorbing iron and minimizing bruising) and Vitamin K (responsible for blood clotting), or iron can result in unhealthy skin, bruising, and sunken eyes. 

  • Sinusitis
    A sinus infection (i.e. inflammation of the sinuses) is another possible reason behind the appearance of sunken eyes. Those who have nasal congestion or pressure being developed in sinuses, these symptoms shall be brought to the attention of a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Allergies (like hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or seasonal allergies) An allergic reaction to any foreign material can lead to sinking of the eyes and the under eye dark circles to form under them. These effects are likely because of the inflammation in the tiny blood vessels lying underneath the eyes or due to swelling of the blocked nasal passages, which can be related to allergies. The inflammation occurs as a response to the release of histamines. 

  • Trauma
    A facial injury or the damage/fracture caused to the bones around the eyes can make the eyes look sunken. Mostly, the orbital fractures appear that can heal within a few weeks or months. But some orbital blowout fractures lead to rupturing or cracking of the thin floor of the eye socket having an intact bony rim. 

  • Sun exposure
    Overexposure to the sun or UV rays can undermine the skin integrity, cause the skin to sag and appear ruddy. This can even cause excess of melanin production, thereby darkening the skin. If the skin below the eyes becomes dark, it might appear like shadows, which leads to an appearance of hollowed out eyes.    

  • Enophthalmos
    When one of the eyes looks sunken, it is considered as an onset of enophthalmos (i.e. posterior eye displacement). This happens because of the loss of eye bone due to aging or a trauma to it. Other possible causes include orbital surgery, HIV infection, and loss of fat from the face, metastatic breast cancer, and linear scleroderma (an inflammatory autoimmune condition).

Symptoms of Under-eye Hollowness

Under eye hollows are often characterized as:
  • Dark shadow over the lower eyelid
  • Thinning of the skin under the eyes
  • Under eye dark circles
  • Sunken eyes
  • Overall fatigued or tired facial look
Under Eye Hollowness Treatment in Noida

How is it diagnosed?

According to usual routine, the doctor first reviews the medical history of the patients and then carries out a visual inspection of their face. Before concluding about the appearance of a tear trough deformity, the doctor must be informed about the presence of any other physical symptoms such as itchy eyes, nasal congestion, weight loss, or fatigue or emotional symptoms like the condition making the patients self-conscious of their looks and causing depression or anxiety. This may be followed by some laboratory tests. 

Options for Under Eye Hollowness Treatment in Noida

The treatment of under eye hollowness depends upon the underlying sunken eyes causes. 

If the sunken eyes appear because of medical conditions like sinus infections then prescribed antibiotics can be given and if allergies, the over-the-counter histamines and eye drops can help get rid of under eye hollowness.

Dermatological procedures that are suggested to achieve the best results at Skinlogics include:

  • Dermal Fillers or Soft Tissue Fillers
    This treatment uses hyaluronic acid as the easiest and painless approach to deal with under eye hollows. Hyaluronic acid is a natural gel-like substance derived from the body having the ability to retain water. When injected as filler in the deficient areas under the eyes, it hydrates the skin and makes the skin plumper under the eyes. There is an appearance of smooth curves starting from the lower eyelid to the upper cheeks. It is a temporary solution and multiple sessions are required to achieve effective results. Usually, these fillers last for 6-18 months and the longevity of the results vary from one patient to another.

    The optimal results are noticed after 1-2 weeks when the side effects of the filler such as swelling, bruising, and some redness subsides. To assist with the recovery, the patient must follow some post-treatment instructions including:
    • Drink plenty of water or other hydrating fluids.
    • Do not use any topical or oral medication.
    • Pat dry the treated area and don’t be harsh with the skin. Eye makeup can be applied after 2 days.
    • Avoid massaging or scratching the area for about a week.
    • Do not go for saunas and avoid doing facials or using steam on the face for a week. 
  • Growth Factor Treatment
    GFC Treatment is also conducted at Skinlogics, an under-eye hollowness treatment clinic in Noida. The treatment boosts collagen, breaks pigmentation, and helps restore the lost volume under the eyes by using growth factors from the patient’s own blood. Thus, it is a very safe & promising treatment option. It can also be combined with other collagen-induction therapies like dermaroller or microneedling to enhance the results.
  • Vampire Facial Plus
    This is a combination treatment involving the use of P-R-P injections, hydrating hyaluronic acid filler, and micro needling. When performed under the eyes it promotes collagen repair and superior skin rejuvenation.
  • Under-eye Serums
    Some medical grade eye serums can work well for under eye hollows. An initial consultation is required first for their use. Again, these may be combined with microneedling for better penetration & results.

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Real Results
Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Hollowness Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
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