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Carbon peel

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment In Noida

Carbon Laser Peel (often termed as Red Carpet Peel or Hollywood Peel) is the latest innovative laser technique that offers an incredibly smoother, softer, firmer, plumper, and refreshing skin look in just 20 minutes.

Nowadays, the beauty trends have shifted away from putting on heavy makeup or the use of cosmetic products as more beauty influencers are choosing a bare skin look. So, more and more people are now taking interest in having a clear, smooth, and youthful complexion that they can proudly flaunt. Although topical skincare can keep the skin hydrated and healthy, more intense procedures are required to treat common skin imperfections like acne, pigmentation, aging concerns, and many more.

With the help of the best cosmetic treatments in Noida at Skinlogics by the skin specialist one can get the desired glowing and spotless looking skin.

Carbon Laser Peel is a non-invasive (gentler version of other laser skin treatments), skin exfoliating and resurfacing treatment that is suitable for people of all ages, gender and any skin type. Often it is used on the face and body to address skin concerns like enlarged pores, oily skin, dull skin, and different forms of acne (such as blackheads). It is a go-to, painless procedure among most celebrities who want long-lasting decongested radiant skin with minimal to no downtime. The treatment is completely safe as no harsh chemical is being used and nothing is done (such as scrubbing) to irritate the skin. This procedure is often combined with other skin brightening treatments in Noida at Skinlogics; procedures like mesotherapy, dermabrasion, chemical peel, and growth factor therapy for best outcomes.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Carbon Laser Peel?

An initial consultation with a skin brightening expert in Noida at Skinlogics is recommended to determine the benefits of the treatment depending upon the individual skin concerns. Usually:

  • The treatment is suitable for people who want to reduce skin inflammation, fade away acne and post-acne scars, refine and minimize enlarged pores, get clearer pores, and correct skin texture. 

  • It is one of the best treatments for oily skin as the medical-grade carbon peel that is used in this treatment helps reduce sebum production.

  • People suffering from pigmented skin lesions like freckles, birthmarks, and liver spots; sun-damaged induced vascular changes and dyspigmentation; and broken capillaries or telangiectases are also eligible to undergo carbon laser peel treatment.
  • It can also provide certain anti-aging benefits as the laser heat promotes collagen production. So, the skin becomes firm, plump and smooth.

Contraindications of Carbon Laser Peel

This is not an ideal procedure for the people with:

  • Dry or very sensitive skin
  • Pregnancy
  • Active skin disease or infection on the treatment site
  • Chronic diseases that may hamper the treatment results
  • Keloidal tendency

How To Plan For Carbon Laser Peel Treatment?

  • Avoid the usage of ret-inoi-ds (like Ret-in A), glycolic acids, Vitamin C, and any other strong topical products that can interfere with the healing for at least 5 days prior to the treatment.
  • Do not go for other skin treatments like microdermabrasion, skin-exfoliating procedures, soft-tissue fillers, anti-wrinkle injections etc. for at least 2 weeks beforehand.
  • If on antibiotics course, ensure that the last dose is taken at least a week before the laser session.

  • Ensure sun protection everyday even while indoors. This includes using broad-spectrum sunscreen and wearing sun-protective clothing like hats & scarfs.
  • Quit smoking for a few weeks as it can alter the natural healing ability of the body and affect the results. Nicotine can narrow the blood vessels lying under the skin and prevent the skin from getting adequate nutrition. 

  • Feel free to talk to the dermatologist about any medications or supplements that must be avoided before the treatment to prevent poor healing or scarring post-treatment. Also ask for carbon peel before and after pictures of other patients to see the procedure results. 

  • Be honest while sharing your medical status with the doctor so that any unwanted complications can be avoided. 

Before the treatment, an in-depth consultation may be conducted to help design the best-personalized treatment plan for the candidate. This would include a thorough examination of the treatment area to assess for the conditions and reviewing the patient’s medical history. The skin professional may even click photographs of the face or any other treatment site at different angles to compare with the after results and save them in the patient's medical records.

What Happens During The Carbon Laser Peel Treatment?

In the carbon laser peel treatment in Noida performed at Skinlogics, firstly the face or neck (or other treatment areas like the chest or back) is cleaned and dried and then coated with a layer of liquid medical-grade carbon (i.e. activated charcoal). Once applied, the carbon mask is evenly distributed by massaging the treatment area. The carbon nanoparticles possess the ability to seep deep into the skin and absorb all the skin impurities as well as excess sebum and dead skin cells from the clogged skin pores.

Next, the laser technician under the supervision of a skin expert in Noida at Skinlogics passes the laser light in short pulses with a skin contact time of one billionth of a second from a Q-switched laser over the treatment area. The laser energy is highly attracted to the carbon particles to cause their explosion, damage the inner pore walls, and take away all the absorbed substances along with it. When the laser is targeted, the patient may feel a warm, tingling sensation but there’s no discomfort as such during this treatment. The Q-switched Nd: YAG laser works at a set of two different parameters (i.e. at two different wavelengths) which is initially at low energy then at high energy. In this treatment, only this type of laser is used as it does not cause damage to the nearby healthy skin by the generated heat.

If the concern is pigmented skin, the laser works by targeting the excess melanin in the skin. It causes selective photothermolysis of the melanin pigments which gets eventually cleared from the body by natural removal processes that take place in the human body.

Simultaneously, the laser light also reaches the deeper skin layers (i.e. the skin dermis) to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and encourage healthy-looking, youthful skin. As the growth of collagen and elastin fibers is promoted, skin regeneration takes place. The heat generated from the lasers can even kill the acne-causing bacteria and shrink the sebaceous glands to reduce sebum production, both of which are responsible for plugging of skin pores. As a result, the skin structure is visibly strengthened and the enlarged pores are cleared and purified.

The entire procedure may last for about 20-45 minutes but the longevity depends upon the area of concern. A course of anywhere between 2-6 sittings at a gap of 4-6 weeks may be needed to achieve optimal results followed by touch-up sessions. The number of settings varies according to the patient's conditions and expected outcome. Thankfully, in each laser session, the eyes are covered with special goggles to protect them from the effects of laser light.

What Can Be Expected After Carbon Laser Peel?

Following carbon laser peel, the patient can experience little flushed skin, mild swelling, and sensitivity that usually resolves within a few hours or a couple of days. If the treatment was done to treat pigmentation, the patient may have a darker pigment appearance for a while and a slight sunburn feeling for about an hour post-procedure. The patient can recover within a few hours to 1-2 days.

After a single treatment, the patient can notice an instant improvement in their skin. There is no downtime experienced with this treatment which means the patient can go to work or resume their daily activities immediately.

To know more about carbon laser peel in Noida one can visit Skinlogics, a leading skin clinic.

Post-treatment Skincare Tips

  • Apply cooling/soothing gels or creams that can dissipate the little warm sensation and redness on the treated skin.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals and active skin ingredients in the skincare products and beauty regimen for at least two weeks after the treatment as they can irritate the skin. This includes alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, and retinol.
  • Do not apply oily makeup as it can clog skin pores, however natural mineral foundations can be used once the skin no longer has visible side effects.
  • Do not indulge in heavy exercises or activities that result in a lot of sweating. The treated skin needs some time to heal itself, hence proper body rest is recommended.
  • Do not scratch, pick, or rub the skin which is freshly wounded by laser treatment. Hence, any products containing strong fragrances and exfoliating agents must be avoided for at least 2 weeks. The patient is free to use products containing SPF, emollients, and peptides.
  • Keep the treated area as clean as possible and moisturized. The face can be cleansed with a milk cleanser or gentle moisturizing face wash.
  • Minimize sun exposure by wearing sunscreens for at least a month and also avoid smoking and stress to enhance the results.

To get the benefits of the best carbon laser peel in Noida, schedule an appointment with skin specialists at Skinlogics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon Laser Peel is a quick and non-invasive treatment. The whole procedure takes around 30 minutes to complete.

This therapy works effectively even on difficult areas such as the face. One can see the following improvements:

  • Reduction in pore size.
  • Reduction in sebum production.
  • Increased skin renewal.
  • Boost in collagen production makes skin tighter.
  • Reduction in spots, acne, and scars.
  • Improved radiance and glow.
  • More even skin tone and texture.

One can see noticeable skin improvements after just a single session. However, in order to achieve the best long-lasting results, a course of 4-6 sessions, performed 2-4 weeks apart are recommended.

There is no downtime of this treatment and one can return to regular activities directly after the treatment. The skin may appear slightly red and this will clear up after a few minutes of the treatment and one can apply aloe vera gel and ice packs to soothe the skin. One can also apply oil-free makeup the next day after the treatment.

The cost of carbon peel treatment depends on the following factors:

  • Doctor’s experience
  • Location of the clinic
  • Severity of patient skin concern
  • Number of sessions provided
  • Patient’s expectations
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