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Melasma is a skin condition in which dark patches appear on the face, most commonly involving the cheeks and bridge of the nose, but can also extend to involve the forehead, upper eyelid, or the area above the lips. 

What causes Melasma?

The best skin doctor for melasma treatment in Noida, states - Melasma can be triggered by various internal and external factors. The most common aggravating factor is sunlight exposure. Rays from the sun trigger melanin production in the skin leading to the development of melasma. Melasma can also develop during hormonal fluctuation occurring during pregnancy when it is known as chloasma. It can also develop during menopause, or in females on birth control pills or any other hormonal medications. It is also common in patients with thyroid disorders. Apart from these, the use of incorrect cosmetics can increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun leading to the development of melasma. 

Are there different types of Melasma?

The melanin pigment in melasma can be located superficially in the epidermis or deep in the dermis. Accordingly, melasma is classified into : 

  • Epidermal melasma:Dark brown patches are present in this variant of melasma. As the pigment is present superficially in this variant, it responds well to treatment.
  • Dermal melasma:The melanin pigment is located deep in the dermis leading to bluish purple or gray patches on the skin. As the pigment is deep, it takes time to resolve and is resistant to treatment.
  • Mixed variety:In this variant, pigment is located in both the epidermis and dermis. As a result, the color of patches varies from dark brown to bluish-gray.

Can melasma be treated?

Melasma is a difficult condition to treat because the pigmentation is deeper compared to other skin problems. Moreover, aggravating factors like hormonal fluctuations continue and are difficult to control completely. Despite these factors, the pigmentation in melasma can be treated by various treatment modalities. It is advised to consult your dermatologist for proper and safe treatment of melasma. For melasma treatment in Noida, one can visit Skinlogics Derma, Skin & Hair Clinic where the following treatment options are available:

  • Photoprotection is the most important requirement to control melasma. A sunscreen with SPF 50 or more should be applied regularly and ideally needs to be repeated every 3-4 hours for adequate sun protection. Oral sunscreens are also available which are to be consumed regularly and thus protect the skin from the sun.
  • Topical creams and oral medications can help in controlling melasma. Creams containing kojic acid, hydroquinone, tranexamic acid, etc can help in lightening melasma. Oral medications in the form of oral tranexamic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants can also be helpful in certain cases. These treatments should be taken strictly under the supervision of a dermatologist.
    Apart from these, various treatments are available for the treatment of melasma.
  • Chemical peels like glycolic acid, retinol peels, or a combination of kojic acid, ascorbic acid, azelaic acid, etc are used.
  • Laser treatment is also very helpful in reducing melasma. It targets the pigment present deep in the dermis and bursts them, which is then removed by the cells of our body.
  • Apart from this,plasma therapy can also be very helpful in some cases. In this, growth factor-rich plasma is injected into the face. It helps in reducing pigmentation and provides a glow to the face. 

Melasma is a very common pigmentary disorder causing a huge psychological impact on a person. The pigmentation is stubborn and takes a long time to fae away. Multiple treatments are required to see visible results. It is advised to take early and proper treatment from the best dermatologist in Noida to treat melasma and prevent its progression. 

Is melasma more common in women?

Yes, melasma occurs more commonly in females than in males. This is because of the hormonal fluctuations which occur in females. 

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