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Anti Ageing Facial

Best Anti Aging Treatments in Noida

Ageing is inevitable and its effects can be seen on the skin as well! Still, everyone desires healthy skin but with time one starts observing fine lines and wrinkles. As we age our skin tends to lose elasticity, looks dull, dry, and appears droopy. Fine lines and wrinkles are other signs that appear, making us look older.

Anti-ageing is a common term used in dermatology which refers to the treatments that help delay the aging process by reversing the signs of aging skin. The most visible signs of aging can be seen due to excessive sun exposure. Spending too much time in the sun without using a broad-spectrum sunscreen also increases the risk of skin damage.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of cosmetic anti-ageing skin treatments in Noida available at Skinlogics. So, after assessing/ analysing the person’s skin and identifying the concerns, a dermatologist can decide which would be the best treatment or if a combination of treatments will help restore the youthfulness of the skin.

What are the types of Anti-aging Treatments?

  • Dermal Fillers or Soft-tissue Fillers
    Injecting fillers beneath the skin can correct the smile and laugh lines, help plump the thin lips, restore volume to the cheeks, fill the temporal hollows, under eye hollowness etc. These injectable fillers are available in different types including collagen fillers, hyaluronic acid fillers, fat transfers, etc. The most commonly preferred type out of these is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler because of its efficacy in providing fast & safe results. The results can last for up to 9-12 months.

  • Anti-wrinkle Injection
    As the name indicates, when injected beneath the skin, this injection weakens the muscle signals that are responsible for the formation of fine lines & wrinkles. Thus, prevents the skin from further wrinkles and creasing. It has a temporary effect and needs to be repeated in 6-12 months depending on individual needs.

  • Liquid Facelift
    A combination of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers is known as a liquid facelift. This is very commonly suggested for those who want a remarkable reversal of the signs of aging but do not wish to go under the knife or opt for surgery. With the combined effect of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injection one can expect a wrinkle-free, firm & supple skin giving an overall youthful appearance to the face.
  • RF Microneedling or MNRF or Collagen-induction Therapy
    There are several variations available for microneedling such as handheld dermaroller, microneedling device as well as radiofrequency microneedling. The basic mechanism is to promote collagen production by creating controlled micro-injuries in the skin which trigger its natural healing system. It may sound a bit daunting but it is not. At Skinlogics, MNRF is performed under the strict supervision of qualified dermatologists so one can rest assured of the safety & results. It only has a minimal downtime associated with it and a few post treatment instructions that one must follow to attain optimum results. After the completion of 4-6 sessions, new skin appears which is healthier, brighter, firmer and smoother.

  • Chemical Peels
    A chemical solution (commonly glycolic, lactic, or trichloroacetic acid) is applied to the skin to peel off the dead and damaged skin cells as well as the impurities. This helps to diminish the sun-damaged skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is suitable as a preventive anti-aging treatment or best for those young patients who are only starting to see the mild effects of aging on their skin.
  • Microdermabrasion
    With the help of sand and crystals, the dead skin cells of the face are removed. This is not considered to be a very effective procedure on a whole, however, it can help to improve the skin texture and can be used in conjunction with other procedures for enhanced results.
  • Anti-aging Lasers
    Lasers help to improve skin tightness and to correct fine lines and wrinkles. Hence, it is considered to be one of the most effective anti-aging skin treatments. The laser beams penetrate the skin, heat the dermis and trigger collagen production. This is a no downtime procedure and repetitive sessions are recommended for long-lasting results.

What are the causes of skin aging?

The factors that cause skin aging can be divided into three categories:

  • Biological
    Biological aging is a natural process that is largely determined by our genes. Our biological clock has an impact on the skin, and as we age, our skin's ability to regenerate slows. Hormones are responsible for many of these changes, which cannot be stopped. However, the impact of free radicals can be limited to some extent by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a balanced diet.
  • Environmental
    Environmental aging is an example of an extrinsic factor that can be controlled to a great extent. Factors such as the sun's damaging rays, pollution, severe weather, and stress harm our skin, causing it to age prematurely. Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of skin aging among all environmental factors. According to studies, UV exposure is to be blamed for up to 90% of visible signs of skin aging. It's known as photoaging. Collagen, elastin, melanocytes, and other moisture barriers are all damaged by photoaging. Wrinkles, sagging, uneven skin tone, dark patches, and a rough, dry skin texture are the results of this. Protect your skin from the sun, no matter what your age is, by using sunscreen to avoid sunburn, premature wrinkles, sagging, and sunspots.
  • Mechanical
    Mechanical aging is the result of excessive squinting, frowning, smiling, etc. which leads to grooves/ lines/ wrinkles in the skin, and after a few years, it starts becoming permanent.

Suitable candidates for Anti-aging Treatment

  • To be an ideal candidate, one must have good overall health, have mild to severe lines and wrinkles, and should want a simple, non-invasive procedure to address indications of aging and lift the skin.
  • Many of our patients are above the age of 40, however, younger individuals as young as 21 can begin treatment to treat early indications of aging and rejuvenate their skin's appearance.
  • All skin types, tones, and colors can benefit from this treatment. However, the patients with extreme skin laxity may need surgical treatments for desired results.

Results of Anti-aging Treatment

A non-surgical procedure is suitable for all regardless of what age the individual is or the skin type he/she has. However, the possible results are short-lived. These treatments are quickly effective, painless, and have no downtime. Non-surgical facelift delivers safe anti-aging effects and when paired with the right cosmetic procedures, it promotes an instant glow and firming by stimulating powerful skin cells.

Planning an Anti Aging Treatment

Firstly, the doctor analyzes the skin type of the client. The tone, texture, and type of skin are analyzed to understand the skin issues clearly. Then the signs of aging are identified. Once the issue is found, the doctor recommends the solution to it, considering the age as well as the expected results by the patient. It can either be a single treatment modality or a combination of treatments and depending on the severity of the concerns one may need only a single session or multiple sessions for the optimum & long-lasting results.

General Tips to postpone the signs of aging on the face

  • Regular sun protection is the first rule of skincare. To keep the skin glowing & youthful, stay out of the sun. Exposure to the sun speeds up the aging process, so stay in the shade, avoid the midday sun, and use good sunscreen regularly.
  • Wash the face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. Scrubbing the skin too frequently can cause irritation which speeds up the aging process. On the other hand, washing the skin gently can help to remove pollutants and other dirt particles from the skin.
  • Sweating can irritate the skin, especially when wearing a hat or a helmet, so one should wipe the face as soon as it sweats.

  • Use a face moisturizer daily as per the skin type. It helps to keep the skin supple & hydrated.
  • Avoid using skin care products that sting or burn as they might make the skin look older.
  • Keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum. Excess alcohol can deprive the skin's essential nutrients, causing it to lose its fullness and plumpness. To sum up, drinking alcohol can cause dehydration, which makes the skin look harsh, dry, and sunken.

  • Stop smoking. Smoking increases the degeneration of connective tissue beneath the skin. Additionally, the frequent usage of muscles surrounding the lips creates those unattractive smokers lines.
  • Eat well to look young and fit. Follow a balanced diet to provide the skin with the vitamins and antioxidants it requires to be healthy.
  • A reason to smile is with healthy teeth. By affecting the soft tissue and bone structure around the mouth, tooth decay accelerates aging changes in the lower face. Maintain proper oral hygiene and see a dentist every three months.

FAQ's About Anti Aging Treatments in Noida

The most significant changes are usually observed in people during their 40s and 50s, but they can start as early as their mid-30s and last forever. Even if the muscles have a good shape, repetitive motions in the skin lead to aging of the face.

Sunspots, dryness, fine lines, crow's feet, dullness, hollow under eyes, and drooping face are the most common signs of aging that one should be aware of. When skin thins and loses moisture, it develops dryness and fine lines. Dehydration is also caused by environmental elements such as the sun, wind, cold air, and pollution. So, both intrinsic & extrinsic factors play a role in displaying the signs of aging. Maintaining good overall health & following the right skincare routine can help delay the signs of aging.

The anti-aging treatments either postpone the aging effects or repair damage. Depending on one’s individual needs these treatments can help reduce fine lines & wrinkles, lift the drooping skin and restore the lost volume & suppleness of the skin.

The skin under the eyes is very delicate & thin. So, the signs of aging generally first appear in this area of the face for most people. Fine lines, wrinkles, droopiness, puffiness, hollowness and dark circles around the eyes can be eased with the help of anti-aging treatments like dermal fillers, chemical peels etc.

Anti-aging Treatment for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Anti Aging Treatment | Wrinkle Removal Treatment in Noida

Anti-aging Treatment for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Anti Aging Treatment | Wrinkle Removal Treatment in Noida

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