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Mask and Skin Care

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The use of facemasks has become mandatory to hault the spread of coronavirus. It acts as a barrier and prevents entry of infected respiratory droplets from entering our body. However, masks can be harsh on the skin, causing problems like acne, rashes itching etc.

Mask related skin problems tend to occur due to prolonged use of mask or use of improper mask. Constant use of face mask causes accumulation of heat and moisture and causes constant friction on the delicate skin of the face leading to skin problems. Due to moisture retention, it also allows growth of bacteria leading to acne and skin infection.


  • One must use a clean and fresh mask daily. Dirt in the mask can irritate the skin and cause skin problems.
  • The mask should preferably be of the correct fabric so that it can provide adequate ventilation.

  • Face should be washed properly with a gentle cleanser before wearing the mask and after removing it. It helps in clearing away additional moisture or dirt present over the skin.
  • Light moisturizer should be applied before wearing the mask and after removal it following face wash. It helps in maintaining the skin integrity and barrier.

  • Use of excessive quantity of makeup or skin care products should be avoided as it leaded to accumulation of excessive moisture causing growth of unwanted bacteria and leading to acne, infections and other skin problems.
  • The mask should properly fit to the face. Too tight or lose mask can increase friction, lead to irritation, bruising and other skin issues.

Visit a Dermatologist in case you have any skin problems following mask use.

Avoid self-medication or home remedies for treatment of such problems.

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