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Jawline Contouring

Jawline Contouring In Noida

Make your face look more alert and youthful with jawline contouring treatment in Noida performed at Skinlogics!

The jawline and chin play a crucial role in shaping the lower face and framing the facial features. Both men and women have a desire for a sharper, slimmer, well-defined jawline, and a more balanced facial profile. Males usually want a strong, square-shaped, more chiseled jawline and chin whilst females wish for an attractive and youthful face usually comprising a smoother, softer, and rounder jawline and chin. These are the most common aesthetic goals of an individual. However, due to aging, weight loss, or genetics, the jawline can change and may result in a weak, overbearing jawline, which lowers self-esteem and self-confidence.

Have you tried to contour your jawline with make-up or used photo-editing apps on your smartphone to redefine your jawline? These may give you desired jawline virtually, but if you want effective, long-term, and evident results in real life then you can seek non-surgical techniques for jawline contouring in Noida at Skinlogics.

What is jawline contouring?

Jawline contouring refers to the different techniques that are designed to sleek out or smoothen the jawline and chin area in people having weak or aesthetically unpleasant facial appearances because of the jawline lacking appropriate shape and size.

Most people may picture jawline enhancement as a painful and complicated procedure where the jaw needs to be broken, involves liposuction to remove submental fat, or insertion of a chin implant to sharpen or smoothen the jawline. However, all these options are considered by people who want extensive reshaping of the jawline. For mild to moderate concerns related to the jawline, results can be achieved without incisions and with minimal downtime and a need for anesthesia.

The treatments for non-invasive jawline contouring in Noida available at Skinlogics can enhance a recessed chin, slim the face, reduce jowls, increase volume and definition, bring balance to the facial features, and give a more masculine, feminine, or youthful facial profile without going under the knife and with minimal discomfort and downtime. The procedures can be customized keeping in mind each patient’s unique facial anatomy and goals or expectations

At Skinlogics, the best aesthetic doctors in Noida perform this treatment and help one to get the desired jawline with minimally invasive treatments.

Suitable candidates for jawline contouring

  • Self-conscious men or women whose appearance of the jawline or chin is unappealing and they desire enhanced jawline definition and facial balance or harmony.
  • Individuals who wish to smoothen wrinkles and fill dimples along the jaw or chin.
  • People who desire to improve mild to moderate sagging of lower face or drooping jowls.
  • People who are concerned about their overbearing jawline.
  • Individuals who have creases/folds along the lower face portion.
  • Clients have stubborn fat deposits under the chin and jawline.
  • Clients who feel that they have a weak or too small jawline.
  • Patients seeking jawline injection to treat their temporomandibular joint disorder.
  • People who desire to improve lower facial sagging or drooping jowls
  • Feel their jawline structure is too small or weak.

All men and women who are considering jawline contouring must be physically healthy and have realistic expectations as well as a positive outlook. If you want to know if you’re an ideal candidate for chin contouring treatment in Noida, consult the best dermatologist at Skinlogics.

What treatments are involved in jawline contouring?

Depending upon your needs, non-jawline contouring can be performed in different ways such as the use of soft tissue fillers (like hyaluronic acid), fat-dissolving injections, and thread lift. The most popular non-surgical jawline contouring options include:

1. Jawline Contouring with Thread Lift

Thread lift also referred to as lunchtime lift is a minimally-invasive technique that involves the use of barbed, dissolvable, medical-grade sutures to provide a more youthful, tighter, firmer, and natural appearance to the face. To give a subtle lifting effect to the jawline, the silhouette or polydioxanone threads are inserted into the skin using fine needles along the jawline. This way the skin is simply suspended by stitching portions of it to help improve jowls or sagging jawlines. The treatment works by encouraging collagen production around the inserted threads.

The threads usually get absorbed by the body within 4 months but skin continues to improve thereafter because of collagen remodeling. Usually, after 3 months of the treatment, a tighter jawline can be noticed. This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. To maintain the results of a thread lift, the procedure can be repeated after every 18 months. Depending upon the body’s ability to dissolve the threads, the results usually last for 9-12 months.

2. Kybella injections for Jawline Reshaping

Some people have excess volume or fullness under the jawline as it is obscured by surplus submental fat. This stubborn fat under the chin can be removed by Kybella injections composed of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid (a bile acid that is produced naturally by the body). These are FDA-cleared injections capable of the gradual breakdown of moderate to severe stubborn fat cells beneath the chin. The dead fat cells are further metabolized by the body and drained out of the body through the lymphatic system over a few weeks.

Kybella injections can be used as an alternative to the liposuction technique (wherein redundant fat deposits are extracted via thin cannula and vacuum suction) or to enhance the results of jawline surgery. They are administered into the marked injections sites (i.e. up to 50) under the chin after numbing the area with a topical anesthetic.

The submental fat removal can sculpt the jawline for virtually a lifetime but the right diet and proper exercise is important to maintain the desired outcome. For effective results, the skin of the submental area must have a good tone and texture so that even after the fat removal, the skin can snap back into place. Multiple sessions may be needed to achieve optimal results. Usually, 4-6 in reduction Kybella treatments performed at least one-month interval each can be received by the patient to get the best jawline contouring. To know more about double chin reduction treatment in Noida, schedule an appointment now at Skinlogics.

3. Jawline fillers

Slight sagging or pooching in the jawline or pre-jowl sulcus can appear due to aging as the fat pads start to dissipate and separate from one another. The effect of gravity along with separation can result in heaviness often along the jawline. The use of filler injections along the jawline can help to stretch and tether the jowls to make them less prominent. These fillers are injected deep into the subcutaneous tissue overlying the jawbone to plump areas having lost volume, lift drooping areas, and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. Results are immediate but last for about 12-18 months.

Preparation for non-surgical jawline contouring in Noida
  • Avoid certain foods, supplements, NSAIDs, or any other medications (including blood thinners) that can delay healing at least 2 weeks beforehand.
  • Start with the prescribed course of antiviral medications if prone to cold sores.
  • Eat healthily and keep the skin hydrated.
  • Do not use make-up or any other cosmetics in the area where the treatment is being taken place.
  • Do not smoke and/or drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before the treatment.
Post-treatment instructions
  • Apply an ice pack for 10-20 minutes on and off for 48 hours if possible to alleviate swelling, bruising, or any discomfort.
  • Minimize vigorous physical activities for 48 hours.
  • Do not rub, pinch, scrub, massage, or manipulate the treated area for a week. The face can be washed gently.
  • The bruised area can be hidden with concealer make-up after 24 hours of the treatment.

To know about non-surgical jawline contouring cost in Noida, please feel free to visit Skinlogics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-surgical jawline contouring offers a good value for the money. The procedures are much shorter with less pain and fewer risks or complications involved.

Yes, jawline contouring can be carried out even for people who have crossed their mid-age but in such a case the skin laxity is more so the results may not be as impressive. For such candidates surgical options can provide the best outcomes. 

Yes, in some cases. There is an advanced jawline contouring treatment called RF (radiofrequency) technology to target, thermally destroy, and eliminate the stubborn fat deposits along the jawline while the loose/sagging skin is also tightened because of collagen production. As an alternative to liposuction, this approach can reduce submental fat while providing a more sculpted look, thereby fixing the double chin. Even Kybella injections can help correct double chin to some extent if there is a mild to moderate fat deposit.

Yes, some patients opt for jawline contouring along with other facial treatments like Bot-ox, a laser peel, and any dermal filler to smooth fine lines and wrinkles in any facial area. This combination treatment can lead to an overall rejuvenated facial appearance. The skin experts at Skinlogics can be consulted to know about the best suitable procedures that can be used in combination with jawline contouring. They can help accordingly create a personalized treatment plan.  

The cost varies based on the treatment option chosen by the patient. Options and pricing vary depending on products used; fillers, bo-tox, deoxycholic acids or thread lift. 

Some patients combine jawline contouring with other facial treatments, such as anti-wrinkle injections, a laser peel, or a different filler product to correct lines and wrinkles in other areas of the face. Combining other non-surgical treatments can help address other issues on the face in overall rejuvenation of the facial appearance.

  • Perform jaw exercises & face yoga
  • Massage your face to increase blood circulation.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Consume less salt in your diet.
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