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Beard Shaping

Beard Shaping in Noida

Achieve a Well-Groomed Beard with Skinlogics Laser Beard Shaping Treatment in Noida! 

In the vision of idealised masculinity, the male figure has a beard. Growing and styling beard hair is a requisite of the grooming routine of most men. Men with the razor-sharp edge of a well-groomed beard can create a good impression. But, men having unruly or unwanted hair in the beard area can detract from an overall appearance. Thankfully, it’s possible to get rid of pesky beard hair and achieve a trending beard style with laser hair removal in Noida, performed by a professional aesthetic dermatologist at Skinlogics. 

For beard shaping, Skinlogics laser beard shaping treatment in Noida is now the best alternative to shaving. It gives the cheekbones amazing depth because it properly grazes over the middle of the face in a straight line or a curve.

For men who wish to keep their facial hair looking attractive and tidy, beard shaping with laser hair removal is a most sought-after choice. Facial laser hair removal in men can assist in removing unwanted hair from the face, neck, and chin and finally shaping the beard into the desired style. Keep reading to learn more about laser beard shaping.

What is Laser Beard Shaping?

Laser beard shaping is an aesthetic, advanced beard-shaping procedure. It involves using a medical-grade laser to remove undesirable hair in small, precise areas of the chin, neck, jaw, upper/lower lip, and cheeks, where the beard grows in men.

Beard shaping by laser in Noida commonly uses an advanced laser, which is safe and effective for removing facial hair. A laser specialist operates the laser, gently removing hair in the required areas to create a balanced and well-defined beard.

How Does the Laser Work to Shape a Beard?

In laser beard shaping, a specialist uses a laser device set to a specific wavelength to carefully target the hair in certain regions of the beard. The laser emits intense light that gets absorbed by the melanin pigment of the targeted hair follicle. The heat generated by the precise light beams destroys the targeted hair follicles and even prevents future hair growth. The lasers only act on the actively growing hair and cause them to fall out spontaneously. Contact today at Skinlogics for more information on laser beard makeovers in Noida.

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The Laser Beard Shaping Procedure

Before commencing laser beard shaping in Noida at Skinlogics, the candidate’s lower face and neck area are marked to establish the treatment area. These markings for the beard laser hair removal are made after discussing with the candidate the beard style he wants. Then, the candidate is asked to shave the marked treatment area with a razor before the treatment session. All this is done to prepare the site for laser hair removal and ensure satisfactory results. 

Just before the laser session, a sonographic gel is applied to the assigned location to chill the surface and prepare the skin. Local anaesthesia may be given to numb the treatment area. Once the treatment site is completely ready, the laser device is passed over it. The laser light is focused on the targeted area to thermally destroy hair follicles and prevent unwanted hair from growing back. 

The entire procedure's time depends upon the beard shape's complexity. Usually, laser beard shaping lasts for 30–60 minutes.

For more information on beard makeovers in Noida, contact the professionals at Skinlogics.

  • To avoid potential skin damage or problems, do not sun expose the area to be treated and avoid the use of artificial tanners for at least two weeks.
  • It's advised to shave the treatment area before the visit but avoid waxing or plucking in the beard area for at least two weeks.
  • Refrain from using any topical products that may cause skin irritation or sensitivity, such as retin-oids or acids, for at least a week prior to treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks and apply sunscreen with a high SPF to the treated area if going outside.
  • It's normal to have some redness or swelling right after treatment, but this should go away within a few hours.
  • To avoid irritation to the treated area, do not indulge in intense exercises or use hot baths for a day or two after treatment.

What are the Benefits of Undergoing Laser Beard Shaping?

With the help of laser grooming for beards in Noida, men can keep their desired beards. The laser beard shaping approach is one of the simplest, smoothest, and quickest treatments available. It is a painless treatment associated with no downtime. It is considered a safe facial hair removal method because it has the virtue of targeted working, which only impacts the defined location and problem.

Laser beard shaping offers many lot benefits, including the following:

  • No more daily shaving: Laser beard shaping minimises the daily hassle of having to shave unwanted hair to maintain the visual appeal of the beard.
  • No more shaving mistakes: It takes practice to edge up a beard, and nothing is worse than a man shaving accidentally into his beard. Laser hair removal can reduce the likelihood of these incidents.
  • Get rid of razor burn: Do you commonly get razor burn? Is the rough, red, and itchy skin after shaving the reason you started growing a beard? With laser hair removal done on the beard area, you no longer would need repeated shaving with razors, resulting in less razor burn. To learn more, contact the experts at Skinlogics, one of the premium Noida beard grooming centres
  • Reduce the thickness of a thick beard: Laser hair removal does not have to remove all beard hair. Laser treatments can help thin out thick and coarse beard hair, resulting in a much more manageable mane.
  • Lessen the beard itch caused by dandruff: Beard dandruff is a buildup of dead skin cells on the beard. This occurs because the skin on the face is thinner than the skin on the scalp, providing less protection from external forces such as wind, cold weather, and the sun's scorching heat. The beard hair with dandruff can be removed with laser hair removal. This helps eliminate the itch and the terrible beardruff once and for all.
Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions required is determined by skin type, hair type, and treatment response. Furthermore, only a portion of hair follicles are active at any given time, with the remainder resting. This is how body hair grows; laser treatment only works on active hair follicles. Thus, 4-6 treatment sessions spread out over a year are required to remove all targeted hair.  Contact the experts at Skinlogics for more information on laser beard shaping cost in Noida.

Skin doctors would advise men not to come in fully shaved because it will make it difficult for the doctor to find the beard's hair base.

The procedure may cause slight pain or discomfort. The procedure is more comforting than previous procedures. Mostly dermatologists provide topical solutions to keep the skin cool and numb during the procedure.

Laser hair removal techniques require highly skilled practitioners and cutting-edge, high-tech equipment. Thus, the procedure is not cheap. However, if we consider its long-lasting benefits, the price of laser beard shaping is worth it. To know more about professional beard shaping cost in Noida, visit today at Skinlogics.

Yes, laser hair removal for men is completely safe.

Despite having undergone laser hair removal, it is conceivable that some hair or new hair will grow back. But there is no problem. With further laser sessions, undesirable hair growth may be prevented.

While the market is swamped with home options, professional dermatologists will not recommend them for laser beard shaping due to safety concerns. Patients may develop persistent scarring and pigmentation as a result of their self-treatment.

Following the procedure, one must avoid exposure to components of nature such as the sun, strong heat, sweat, and any chemical-laden skin products such as soaps and detergents. The areas in and around the beard must be massaged and allowed to breathe, preferably in a temperature-controlled environment with soft, cool showers and cleansers.

The results are permanent when the hair follicle is destroyed by laser beard shaping. Hair may regrow if the hair follicle is not destroyed but only damaged. As a result, laser beard shaping is considered a 'long-term' treatment.

This procedure is ideal for men who want to grow their beard but don't want to spend hours maintaining it every week.

Contact the experts at Skinlogics to get the best beard shaping services in Noida provided by expert professionals. The experts at the clinic use the most advanced lasers to deliver the best results.

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