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Vitiligo is a condition that causes loss of skin colour. In this condition, white patches develop on many areas of the skin. This is due to the loss of melanin. The exact reason for Vitiligo is not known but it is assumed to be an autoimmune condition where the body defenses itself by attacking its cells and not those of invading germs. Vitiligo affects all races equally but is more prominent in dark-skinned people. Vitiligo usually develops early on between the ages of 10 and 30. It may run in your family and cause premature greying of hair.

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Skinlogics is a trusted skin care clinic in Noida that offers top quality skin treatments. The skin clinic in Noida offers a full range of clinical as well as cosmetic dermatology including treatment for Vitiligo in Noida. Being the best providers of skin and hair care in Noida, Skinlogics offers a personalized comprehensive care plan with a result-driven approach for each of its patients.

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