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Treatments For Thinning Hair: Do They Work?

06 Apr 2024 Posted By Skinlogics

It is well known that hair plays an important role in the appearance of a person but regardless of its colour, style, or length, how healthy it is is also important. Keratin is a protein that forms the hair shaft, the non-living component above the scalp's surface that holds the hair to the scalp. These hair shafts can become thin over time, resulting in hair loss and balding.

Chemical treatments, poor maintenance habits, pressure from braiding or a tight ponytail, heat from a hairdryer, and environmental exposure can cause the hair shaft to dry out, causing hair breakage and the formation of sparse hair, a receding hairline, or a bald area on the head. The longer the thinning hair condition remains untreated, the more difficult it is to restore the damaged hair follicles, the living element of the hair beneath the skin.

Proper hair thinning treatments provided by a hair fall doctor in Noida at Skinlogics in the early stages can smooth down the hair follicles and help repair the damaged look. If one is suffering from hair loss, one can contact the hair care doctor near me at Skinlogics. The clinic has the best team of dermatologists who provide the most advanced hair fall management treatments. Read on for more details.

Treatments for Thinning Hair Management at Skinlogics

Growth Factor Concentrate
Growth factor injections are a proven and safe procedure that stimulates hair growth by using the body's cells, shares a hair specialist doctor in Noida at Skinlogics.

The best hair fall doctor at Skinlogics can help patients regenerate and restore damaged hair follicles without surgery or downtime by injecting growth factors extracted from the patient's blood into the scalp area.

Treatment for male or female hair thinning with growth factors will only be effective if started before hair follicles become damaged or completely removed for an extended period. The earlier a patient begins, the better the response to growth factors. Growth factors promote and accelerate the multiplication of collagen-producing cells, improving the scalp's general health and condition. Applying growth factors to get optimal results requires a significant amount of experience and expertise.

GFC results are long-lasting and appear in 3–4 weeks. The effects of GFC treatment after three sessions can be shown in terms of:

  • Hair loss has been reduced.
  • The thickness of the hair has improved.
  • The volume of hair has increased. 

To get more details on this treatment consult now the best hair fall treatment doctor in Noida at Skinlogics.

Mesotherapy consists of a series of injections with short, thin needles that target the skin's middle layer (or mesoderm).

The dermatologist in Noida at Skinlogics uses organic molecules, plant particles, ste-m cells, and growth ingredients based on the patient's requirements to inject nano molecules into the dermal layer, where collagen, blood vessels, and the extracellular matrix are made to be strong to build, repair, and grow new tissue and hair follicles.

When mesotherapy solution is injected into the scalp, it increases hair solidity and thickness while also preventing hair loss. It promotes scalp circulation, skin thickening, and hair bulb nourishment through a series of micro-injuries. Through these micro-injuries, proprietary elixirs, including exosomes, ste-m cells, and other hair growth stimulants in the form of growth ingredients for blood vessels and fibroblasts, are injected into the dermis, allowing them to become more accessible at the cellular level and penetrate deeper. And, because of the primary order of molecular kinetics given by this method, the injected elements last for weeks rather than days, ensuring successful results with no risk of systemic toxicity.

Hair mesotherapy has the following key benefits.

  1. The first is undoubtedly the most appropriate and sought-after by every individual who has ever suffered from alopecia, and it is based on preventing hair loss. It is one of the most effective hair-care treatments available. 
  2. Second, it nourishes the scalp, delivering what it requires safely. 
  3. Third, it promotes scalp regeneration, and last but not least, it promotes hair growth. To get this treatment benefits you can get this treatment done from an experienced and best hair fall control doctor near me.

Microneedling is an ideal choice for those who want to enhance their hair loss treatment, reduce the progression of hair thinning, or improve their general scalp health. It works by inducing micro-injuries on the skin known as microchannels. Microchannels are created on the scalp, where the hair follicles are found. The microchannels subsequently stimulate the production of growth factors (including collagen) by the epidermis, increasing hair growth.

Microneedling also exfoliates the scalp's surface, resulting in a deep cleansing action that removes product accumulation (such as that caused by hair sprays), which may choke the hair follicles and impede new growth. The microneedling procedure also stimulates the scalp, which can help stimulate new hair growth and strengthen existing follicles.
Microneedling increases blood flow to the scalp and stimulates nutrient production, resulting in a healthier scalp overall; thus, even if hair loss or thinning is minimal, scalp health will benefit. Overall, the hair will be thicker and stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of doctor is best for hair fall?
Dermatologists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of hair loss, including male-pattern hair loss. A hair fall doctor in Noida at Skinlogics can help an individual determine whether their hair loss is due to male-pattern baldness or something else entirely. Hair loss can often be prevented or even restored, depending on the cause.

2. Can we stop hair fall?
Hair loss is a chronic problem that must be treated if the balding process is to be stopped. While there is no cure for hair loss, there are strategies to effectively treat the symptoms while keeping the existing hair. The use of m-inoxidil or finest-eride (or a combination of the two) regularly can help reduce the effects of male pattern baldness and stop hair loss. If these treatments don’t help then one can go for hair loss treatment in Noida.

3. Can dermatologists cure hair fall?
With several possible causes of hair loss, it's critical to have an accurate diagnosis, which is why consulting a dermatologist is the best option. The primary goal of a dermatologist is to determine the cause of the hair loss. 

When it comes to hair, a dermatologist can:

  • Determine the cause of the hair loss.
  • Determine the cause of the problem and the type of hair loss that is occurring.
  • Recommend the best method of treatment for hair loss.

4. What is the solution to hair fall?
Growth factor treatment, microneedling, and mesotherapy are regarded as one of the most effective treatments for managing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.

5. Which doctor is best for a hair problem?
A dermatologist can treat hereditary hair loss and can identify and treat hair loss symptoms caused by several endocrine conditions. They can also help an individual deal with hair loss problems. They specialize in hair and can cure baldness, hair breakage, itchy or flaking scalps, and various forms of alopecia.

If you are living in Noida or a nearby area, then consult the hair fall doctor near me at Skinlogics. It is the top dermatology and hair loss treatment clinic in the area, for more details book an appointment today!