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Under eye Dark Circle

Under-eye Dark Circles Treatment in Noida

Eyes looking dull & fatigued at all times?
Avail the best under eye dark circle treatments in Noida at Skinlogics!

Dark circles under the eyes are a very common problem nowadays. Typically, there are several causes for alarm but they must be treated by a skin expert if swelling or discoloration around the eyes worsens over time. People usually want to lighten them for cosmetic purposes. They can affect anyone for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, some home remedies, skin care products, and medical procedures can help combat those pesky dark circles beneath the eyes. Read further to learn more. 

With the help of skin experts at Skinlogics, one can get the best under eye rejuvenation treatments in Noida and restore the beauty & youthfulness of the eyes.

What are dark circles?

Dark circle is a common dermatological concern characterized by the darkening of the skin under the lower eyelids due to various endogenous or exogenous factors. Both men and women can be affected by pigmented dark circles. Their color may even vary based on the skin complexion. They may not be permanent but their presence can take a toll on one’s personal and professional outlook by making them look fatigued and older. Hence, getting rid of them is important to boost an individual’s self-confidence. The best dark circles treatment doctor in Noida at Skinlogics can help resolve this under eye problem quickly & effectively.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

The area under the eyes can become darker due to many reasons, such as:

  • Extreme Fatigue or Oversleeping
    If a person has disturbed sleep or poor sleeping habits including not falling asleep past the normal bedtime, the eyes appear dull and pale. This results in the blood vessels and dark tissues beneath the skin becoming noticed. Lack of sleep can make the eyes appear puffy because of fluid retention, hence casting shadows underneath the eyes which are called dark circles. 

  • Eye Strain
    When a person spends long hours staring at a computer, television, or mobile screen the eyes can get strained. Straining of the eyes can lead to enlargement of the blood vessels around the eyes, hence causing the surrounding skin of the eyes to become darker.  

  • Aging
    As a part of the natural aging process, there is a significant loss of fatty tissues and collagen which is required to maintain skin’s elasticity, hence thinning of the skin. When these age-related changes happen in the skin under the eyes, the dark blood vessels become more visible beneath the skin and result in the appearance of well-defined dark circles. Therefore, under-eye hollows or tear troughs that are related to aging can cause dark circles.  

  • Periorbital Hyperpigmentation
    Prolonged sun exposure, genetic tendency, and advanced age can result in increased deposition of melanin in the skin around the eyes. This is common more in people with Mediterranean ancestry i.e. those having darker skin pigmentation. 

  • Sun Overexposure
    Direct sunlight or UV exposure for long-duration under the eyes can lead to excessive melanin production, thereby darkening the skin beneath the eyes. 

  • Anemia
    An iron deficiency in the erythrocytes can cause dark circles because of insufficient oxygen reaching the body’s tissues.  

At Skinlogics, the skin experts provide under eye treatment based on one’s concerns and help them achieve desired results through customised treatment plans.

  • Frequent Rubbing of the Eyes
    This can lead to breakage of blood vessels underneath the skin surface, thus contributing to dark circles.  

  • Thyroid Issues
    Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism promotes fluid retention, thereby causing under-eye circles or bags.

  • Eye drop treatment for Glaucoma
    This has a long-term side effect of dark circles. 

  • Excessive Smoking
    This habit can speed up the skin aging process, dehydrate the skin, and even cause sleep disruptions all of which can lead to under-eye dark circles.

  • Certain Medications
    This includes any drug from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to corti-co-steroids and calcium-channel blockers that can dilate the blood vessels. 

  • Dehydration
    When the body is not kept well-hydrated by adequate daily water intake, the skin under the eyes becomes dull and gives a sunken appearance due to their proximity to the underlying bone.  

  • Allergies (including hay fever) and Eye Dryness
    When there is an allergic reaction taking place in the skin, the body responds naturally by releasing histamine. Histamine is a chemical substance that causes dilation of the blood vessels and makes them more visible under the skin, often causing discomfort-including redness, itchiness, and puffy eyes.  Allergies, as well as eye dryness, cause itchiness, hence resulting in an urge to scratch or rub the skin around the eyes. These actions can worsen the skin condition, causing swelling and broken blood vessels which eventually leads to dark shadows beneath the eyes.   

Types of Under-eye Dark Circles

  • Vascular dark circles
    These appear as pink, purple, or blue discoloration under the eyes along with puffiness and in some cases veins also become visible. They are caused by thinning of the facial skin under the eyes leading to fluid retention and reduced blood flow. 

  • Pigmented dark circles
    These are usually brown discoloration under the eyes that can be due to extra melanin production and uneven pigment distribution. 

  • Structural dark circles
    These appear because of the shadowing effect as a result of skin laxity, eye bags, or fat loss beneath the skin of under eyes. 

  • Mixed dark circles
    These are caused by a combination of vascular, pigmentation, and structural features.

What are the best dermatologist-recommended under eye treatment options?

At Skinlogics, the skin experts provide the best under eye dark circles treatment in Noida using the most advanced techniques and treatments, including:
  • P-R-P (Pla-telet-rich plas-ma) Therapy
    It is a natural, non-surgical approach to treating dark circles. The procedure involves withdrawing the patient’s blood, separating the pla-telet enriched pla-sma (containing growth factors and essential proteins) by centrifugation, and then injecting a small dose of it as regenerative serum in the under-eye area. This treatment results in collagen remodeling that helps regain the elasticity and plumpness under the eyes. It also helps in draining toxins and excess fluid retention that clears the eye puffiness and angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels beneath the skin) that improves oxygen supply to battle pigmentation under the eyes.  

  • Mesotherapy
    It is a new treatment option that involves injecting vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and hormones into the skin to rejuvenate it. It is less invasive than P-R-P and is preferred by people with minor corrections who need little maintenance by vitamin injections. The treatment can drastically reduce the dark circles under the eyes, and the size of the fatty bags, and add some structure around the eyes.   

  • Laser Therapy

    It is proven to be the most effective dark eye circle treatment (especially for Indian skin tone). Laser therapy for dark circles may involve either the use of ablative lasers (which are harsh on the skin surface and cause the removal of affected superficial skin) or non-ablative lasers (which aim for collagen remodeling without harming the skin surface). Different kinds of lasers work for different kinds of dark circles and they are chosen based on the required wavelengths, radiant exposure, and pulse features. Examples of lasers that can help treat dark circles include carbon dioxide laser, fractional laser, pulsed dye laser (best for vascular dark circles), and Q-switched laser (best for pigmented dark circles).    

  • Chemical Peels
    It is a skin exfoliating procedure involving the application of chemical agents (acids) over the skin. The chemicals peel off the superficial skin and reveal new skin that is smoother and clearer. The pigmented dark circles can be treated by using alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid. Superficial and medium-strength chemical peels that can penetrate up to the skin's upper dermis layer are used to treat under-eye dark circles. 

General Tips to prevent Under-eye Dark Circles

Adopting a healthy lifestyle or habits can help prevent the occurrence of dark circles. Some of them include:
  • Have proper sleep cycles and a consistent sleep schedule. Proper rest and stress management is very important. 

  • Protection from sunlight or UV exposure by wearing UV-protected glasses and applying sunscreens of SPF at least 30 above around the eyes when steeping outside on a sunny day.

  • Cutting down on alcohol intake and smoking.

  • Practice good eating habits by having food rich in iron, Vitamin C, E, and k, omega 3 fatty acids, and collagen as well as sleep-inducing food. Sticking to a low-sodium diet. Salt induces the body to retain water, which can cause bags and puffiness.

  • Say no to oily and junk food.

  • Stay hydrated

  • Practice good skincare habits. Wear sunscreen regularly. Apply under eye creams as recommended by your dermatologist

To avail the benefits of the treatments or to know how much dark circle removal treatment costs, please feel free to visit Skinlogics. 

FAQ's About Under-eye Dark Circles Treatment in Noida

Yes, they can add volume and diminish any shadowing that results in the form of dark circles. During the treatment microcannulas, which is a thin, needle-like blunt-tip instrument used to insert fillers. The fillers instantly add volume and fill out the eye hollows that occur when the tear trough is prominent and casts a shadow on the under-eye area.

Yes, with increasing age the body tissues go through a phase called cellular senescence, cellular aging. In this, the cells' turnover is not quite as robust as previous ones. Wearing proper sunblock, eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and taking proper sleep can help prevent the worsening of the concern.

The cost of under eye dark circles treatment in Noida depend on following factors:

  • Severity of the concern.

  • Type of treatment provided.

  • Doctor’s experience.

  • Patient’s age.

Real Results
Under Eye Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
Under Eye Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
Under Eye Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
Under Eye Treatment Before and After | Under Eye Treatment Before and After Results
✱ Opinions/Results may vary from person to person.
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