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Would Laser Beard Shaping Help You Look Your Best?

09 May 2024 Posted By Skinlogics

Frequent beard shaving often causes cuts, razor burns, skin irritation, growth of coarse, thick hair, and ingrown hair. Furthermore, maintaining facial hair in men by shaving every few days is time-consuming and annoying. Thankfully, getting laser beard shaping in Noida with Skinlogics Clinic can help you overcome the drawbacks of shaving, which is a traditional hair removal method.

What is Laser Beard Shaping?

Laser beard shaping is a cosmetic procedure that permanently shapes an uneven beard in men using lasers at specific wavelengths. The laser light targets the melanin of the hair and selectively destroys the basal stem cells through the generation of heat. This stops hair growth from the hair follicle.

Is laser beard shaping worth it?

This procedure helps men achieve their preferred look, whether they have a simple goatee, a full beard, or want to maintain facial hair growth. It is said that beard shaping with laser hair removal in Noida is a safe and straightforward treatment strategy since it has the virtue of targeted working, which only affects the chosen area and issue.’

Why do men opt for Laser Beard Shaping?

The laser hair removal of the beard is designed to permanently remove the beard’s hair. Men may benefit from laser hair removal for a variety of reasons, including:

  • For aesthetic purposes: When men let their beards grow, it would be wonderful if they did not have to take care of them all the time. Thus, to avoid the hassle of shaving, it is common for some men to use laser hair removal on their beards. 
  • For hygiene purposes: The beard can sometimes be a breeding ground for bacteria, impurities, and other pathogens. Thus, laser hair removal tends to be an ideal method to reduce beard hair and prevent regular shaving.
  • For profession: Men with careers in the armed forces, classical dance, or contact sports go for laser hair removal of their beards to prevent regular shaves that may cause discomfort.
  • To eliminate skin irritation: A shaven beard too frequently can irritate the skin and cause folliculitis. Folliculitis is a hair follicle infection characterised by the appearance of red pimples with a white dot. Laser hair removal can smooth out the hair and prevent skin irritation.

What are the Benefits of Laser Beard Shaping?

  • Desired, permanent beard shape: Using laser beard sculpting, men can maintain their beard the way they want for a lifetime. 
  • No more daily shaving: It removes the hassle of shaving unwanted hair to maintain the beard’s appearance.
  • No more shaving mistakes: It takes practice to edge a beard, and nothing is worse than accidentally shaving into the beard. Laser hair removal can reduce the chances of such incidents.
  • Prevents or reduces razor burn: Laser hair removal in Noida can minimize the need to shave, effectively reducing razor burn.
  • Reduce the thickness of a thick beard: Laser treatment for hair removal does not have to remove all hair from the beard. Thick, coarse beard hair can be thinned out using laser treatments, making the mane much more manageable.
  • Painless and safe hair removal: Beard shaping is painless and is associated with minimal downtime and risks or complications.

How does Beard Shaping with a Laser Work?

  • Laser beard shaping in Noida involves directing specific wavelengths of light towards the color pigments called melanin, present in the hair follicles- the hair's base. Its working is based on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis, an advanced way of describing how the light of a specific wavelength causes specific color-related damage to certain types of cell structures by producing heat. 
  • Laser hair removal for men targets the basal stem cells responsible for encouraging the growth of follicular hair. They destroy the follicles so that hair cannot grow back through them. 
  • Laser-assisted beard shaping yields the desired results in multiple sessions. The procedure must be repeated multiple times to target hair follicles at different stages of their growth. That’s because the laser works only on actively growing hair, and at a particular instance, not every targeted hair is in the active growth phase of a hair growth cycle. Usually, four to eight treatments are required to permanently inhibit hair growth.

What Happens in a Laser Beard-Shaping Session?

  1. The practitioner starts the treatment session by labeling the face and neck of the candidate to define the target area for laser beard shaping. This is done per the candidate’s desired beard style and form, as discussed during an initial consultation. 
  2. Next, the practitioner shaves the treatment area to remove any extra hair. The area to be treated is clear, so the laser can work and deliver sufficient results through a moderate shaving workout.
  3. Then, the practitioner applies sonographic gel all over the targeted area. This cooling gel helps to maintain the area’s cold temperature at the right level for treatment while also preparing the skin for the process. 
  4. Advanced laser technology is then used to target the hair follicles in the marked area and prevent the unwanted beard hair from growing back.

What is the Best aftercare for Laser Hair Removal?

It usually takes up to one week to recover from laser beard shaping. However, after receiving treatment, candidates may experience certain issues. The potential side effects are tiredness and swelling lasting only 3 to 4 hours. Bruising, swelling, and pain are also normally expected after the treatment. The candidate should not be worried about them as these effects will disappear after some time. Removing any side effects altogether will only take up to ten days.

Following laser beard shaping, the treated facial skin becomes more sensitive and requires daily special care. Thus, the candidate must avoid direct sunlight exposure in the treated area for a few days. Hot water baths, steam rooms, saunas, strict fitness routines, and swimming should also be avoided.

FAQ's About laser beard shaping in Noida

Who are the ideal candidates for laser beard shaping?

Laser beard shaping is ideal for men who want growth in their beard but want to spend fewer hours maintaining it every week. It is meant for healthy men with realistic expectations of their treatment outcome and no current skin concerns.

Is the procedure of laser hair removal for men painful?

No, the procedure is not painful. A mild warming feeling will occur as the laser hits the target area, but it will not be painful.

How many sessions are required to shape a beard with a laser?

The answer is not straightforward because the number of sessions required to remove a beard varies depending on several factors, such as the hair's colour, length, and thickness. The more sessions men need to get rid of their hair, the thicker, longer, and darker it gets.

How much hair is removed during laser beard shaping?

The amount of hair removed by a laser treatment varies from person to person but can vary between 50 and 60% of the total facial follicles.

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