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Dr. Saumya Swati
Dr. Saumya Swati

Dr. Saumya Swati

Dr. Saumya Swati, our top specialist dermatologist and aesthetic physician of Noida, is without a doubt amongst the most sought-after dermatologists in Noida. Under her belt, she has credentials and accreditations from globally renowned institutes and years of great work experience.

Educational Qualifications
  • MBBS- Dr. Saumya Swati started her journey in the field of dermatology and cosmetology with her undergraduate medical degree from Anugrah Narayan Magadh Medical College, Gaya.
  • MD in Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology- She got her specialised residency training in Dermatology from Nalanda Medical College, Patna.
Working Experience

Throughout her five-year career, Dr. Saumya Swati has worked with renowned institutions, including Dadu Medical Center, CNBC Hospital, and more as a dermatologist, dermato-surgeon, and aesthetic dermatologist.

Currently, her place of practice is Skinlogics Clinic- a top-rated dermatology clinic in Noida that has a luxurious environment and convenient location.

Concerns that Dr. Saumya Swati can help you resolve

Being healthy even means that your hair and skin always look best. The most noticeable indication of any underlying general health issue is provided by the tone and texture of the skin and hair.

Dr. Saumya Swati provides the best solutions for unwanted hair, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, hair loss, acne marks and scars, undesirable tattoos, pigmentation irregularities, dry skin, under-eye dark circles or bags, rosacea, open pores, eczema, psoriasis, and many more medical and aesthetic concerns.

Why choose Dr. Saumya Swati?

Owing to extensive expertise gained in a government setting, Dr. Saumya Swati is adept at preventing, diagnosing, and treating or managing varieties of skin, hair, and nail conditions in both adults and children.

Dr. Saumya Swati is a patient-centric dermatologist and cosmetologist in Noida. Her comprehensive skill set ensures a holistic approach to dermatological and aesthetic care. She ensures that people who feel insecure with their skin and hair are helped in the best way possible so that they can enjoy their lives to the fullest. After completing her training in advanced dermatology services, Dr. Saumya Swati has been upgrading her learnings and skills on an ongoing basis. She has best contributed to the development of new therapies and delivering safer, quicker, and long-term results for all the patients seeking treatment from her.

There are many dermatologists and aestheticians in Noida but what makes Dr. Saumya Swati stand out is the fact that she provides substantial time to each of her patients, provides advanced therapies at reasonable prices to patients in a comfortable, relaxed environment in the clinic, and uses the high-end technologies to deliver most natural-looking, optimal results. She feels joyful upon seeing her patients' faces in contentment after receiving the treatment.

Dr. Saumya Swati in her career has successfully treated numerous patients with skin, hair, and nail problems. Using her immense knowledge, she has guided many clients who consulted her on skin and hair care regimes and recommended the best products for use. She is a top-notch dermato-surgeon, cosmetologist, dermatologist, and skin laser specialist in Noida, famed for her clinical skills, patience, and communication abilities. Among the best dermatologists, she has received many global awards and recognitions for her work in her specialised field.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Skinlogics Clinic, Dr. Saumya Swati has a variety of hair and skin care technologies available to ensure unparalleled results. The technologies include a Fractional CO2 laser machine for fading wrinkles, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation; a HIFU machine to resolve sagging skin and wrinkle issues; a Q-switch laser machine to remove unwanted tattoos, undesirable hair, dark circles, and pigmented spots/patches; Radiofrequency machine to treat sagging skin and wrinkles; diode laser machine for unwanted hair removal; and many more. Dr. Saumya Swati is highly skilled and experienced in using all of these technologies.

At Skinlogics Clinic, only the best-rated dermatologists in a particular area are appointed. We take pride in choosing Dr. Saumya Swati to practise in our leading dermatology clinic because of her elite educational background, good work experience, values and communication skills, result-oriented services, ethics, best peer and client reviews, wealthy experience, and great skills in using hair and skincare technologies.

Dr. Saumya Swati is a well-versed and highly experienced skin doctor in Noida in all general and aesthetic dermatology treatments. The non-exhaustive list of cosmetic dermatology treatments she excels in includes laser hair removal, laser toning, facial rejuvenation, skin tightening treatments, body contouring, anti-aging treatments, HIFU, GFC therapy, microneedling, chemical peels, mesotherapy for skin and hair, and PRP therapy for skin and hair. Besides, she even performs her best in dermato-surgical procedures. Her proficiency is seen in vitiligo surgeries, electrocautery, radiofrequency ablation, skin biopsies, and nail surgeries.